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Bringing Superfast Broadband to North Yorkshire

Welcome to Superfast North Yorkshire


The Superfast North Yorkshire project is built around a partnership between North Yorkshire County Council and BT to deliver next generation superfast broadband to the County, and also brings together other initiatives to address rural access to better broadband. The project is managed on behalf of the County Council by NYnet, it’s 100% owned broadband company, and is financed by a mixture of funds from Central Government, Europe and the County Council.

Where and when - Can I get superfast broadband?

Enter your address/postcode in the search box below for more detail on whether you could be receiving superfast broadband. The search box is in the top righthand corner of the map.

Key to the map:

  • If your property is represented by a green dot, you should be able to order superfast broadband now as a result of Phase 1 or Phase 2 of SFNY.
  • If your property is under a shaded area you should be able to order superfast broadband, as a result of commercial delivery by telecom operators. However, we are aware that some premises in the commercially delivered areas do not get superfast broadband. If your property falls under this category and is proposed for coverage under Phase 3 it will be marked as a red dot.
  • If your property is represented by a red dot outside of the shaded areas then your property is proposed for Phase 3.  More information can be found by clicking on the red dot.
  • If your property is not covered under Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 or commercial, then additional coverage of superfast broadband will be announced in the coming months.

Detailed planning is continuing across the county and premises will move from “Proposed” to a status of “Planned”, as indicated on the map once detailed surveys have been completed.
For this reason the coverage and timeframe indicated is subject to change.
Additional coverage of superfast broadband will be announced over the coming months. Please continue to check this website and Register your Interest below and we will advise you of any updates.

Some internet browser versions may not like our interactive map. If you are experiencing issues, click here for an image that shows coverage across the county.

Getting a Better Broadband service: If you currently experience poor broadband speeds, or you are unable to obtain a broadband service at all, we will help provide you with access to an alternative broadband service that will offer speeds of at least 2Mbps, by providing you with access to a subsidised broadband connection. Click here to find out more >

Home Superfast Broadband Providers

There maybe a number of providers in our area who could offer you superfast broadband.  We've listed a number of these below; with links which will take you directly to their websites so you can find out if they are up and running where you live.  Alternatively, comparison websites are a great place to start.  Ofcom accredit four websites here, although there are others.

Business Superfast Broadband Providers

Superfast broadband will have a big impact for business.  Having a fast and more reliable connection will help your business gain the advantage – there are so many tools and services at your fingertips.  Superfast broadband allows you to make your marketing digital, with the ability to reach customers through new, faster, richer and easier to track communications options.  Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, help you reach new audiences cheaply and easily.

There may be a number of providers in our area who could offer you superfast broadband.  We've listed a number of these below;  with links which will take you directly to their websites so you can find out if they are up and running where you are.  Alternatively, comparison websites are a great place to start.  Ofcom accredit four websites here, although there are others.

Alternative Broadband Providers

There a number of alternative technology providers offering hyperfast, superfast and high quality broadband in parts of North Yorkshire.  We have listed a number of these below, with links which will take you directly to their websites so you can find out if they are up and running where you live.  Most of these companies do not come up on comparison websites so you will need to contact them individually.

FTTP Providers

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is available to some properties in North Yorkshire and will be more prominent in our Phase 3 rollout.

FTTP, also known as Fibre to the Home, is about as good as you can get.  It ensures fibre optic technology is used all the way from your property back to the exchange, and on to the internet.  Where available, the local network is able support download speeds of 330Mbps and 50Mbps upload, and once the fibre is in your property, even more astounding upgrades will be available in the future.

So how do I order?

FTTP requires a little more work for the internet service providers and Openreach to set up than other forms of broadband, so it can take a little longer.  You order it in the same way you would any other broadband service.  This involves checking which providers offer FTTP, choosing which one to go with and committing to a contract.  It will require an engineer to install your own personal fibre from the local network to your property, along with a different type of router.

Who is offering FTTP services?

At the moment, the number of providers is limited, although we expect the number of providers to increase over the coming months.  This means you may need to move away from your current provider to gain the benefits.

The benefits of FTTP
Phenomenal ultrafast speeds
  • Download speeds of up to 330Mbps and uploads of up to 50Mbps.
Multiple users
  • The whole family or office can work, surf and stream HD content to their heart's content.
  • No more squabbling or waiting around to upload or download big files.
Speed up
  • Share photos and files in a fraction of the time.
  • No more going to make a cup of tea while it sends!
  • Quicker and easier synchronisation.
  • Access and update shared files – from multiple devices.
Gain the advantage
  • If you run a business, become faster and more reliable.
  • If you are a gamer, be one step ahead of the competition.

There is a full list of frequently asked questions about ordering FTTP service.  Find them here.

FTTP Ultrafast Broadband Providers

There may be a number of providers in our area who could offer you superfast broadband.  We've listed a number of these below;  with links which will take you directly to their websites so you can find out if they are up and running where you live or work.  Alternatively, comparison websites are a great place to start.  Ofcom accredit four websites here, although there are others.

FAQs - Questions & Answers

Superfast North Yorkshire (SFNY) is the name given to the project bringing Superfast Broadband to North Yorkshire.  The project is built around a partnership between North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) and BT to deliver fibre based broadband to the county but also brings together other initiatives by NYCC to address rural areas where the fibre based coverage is not available (the so called ‘not’spots).

The SFNY project is managed on behalf of NYCC by NYnet, it’s 100% owned broadband company, and is financed by a mixture of funds from Central Government (via Broadband Delivery UK-BDUK), Europe and NYCC.

This website is continually updated so please check regularly.

If you register your details with us, we will let you know when faster broadband is available to order.

Superfast broadband provides download speeds of 25Mbps and above, with upload speeds from 5Mbps.

Superfast broadband is the new generation of broadband – it is much faster, more reliable and uses different technologies.Whilst traditional broadband (known as ADSL) is wholly delivered via copper telephone lines from the exchange, superfast broadband typically adds a fibre optic cable between the fibre network and the local cabinet (Fibre to the Cabinet, FTTC) or customer (Fibre to the Premises, FTTP).

FTTC provides download speeds up to 80Mbps and upload speeds up to 20Mbps.  The speed you get at your property will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • The length of your line from the local (green) roadside cabinet
  • The quality of that line
  • And your own equipment,internal wiring and use of WiFi within your property

FTTP provides download speeds up to 330Mbps and upload speeds up to 50Mbps.  FTTP  is not affected by distance in the way FTTC is, although it will be affected by your own equipment, internal wiring and use of WiFi within your property.

If you check the where and when map on this website it will provide details of the ‘status’ of your property in terms of superfast availability.  Early indications of expected Phase 3 coverage are available now on the map.

If you are one of the premises in North Yorkshire that has already been upgraded you should contact your choice of Internet Service Providers to place an order.
If you are one of the premises in North Yorkshire that has not yet been upgraded, please register your details.  The SFNY Team will then email you when superfast broadband becomes available.  SFNY has completed Phase 1 and 2 of our rollout and brought superfast broadband to 89% of the county’s homes and businesses.  SFNY has awarded Phase 3 to BT Plc which will extend superfast coverage to 94%.
If you are not in our current plans, please refer to the section on Alternative Providers who may be able to provide an improved broadband service.

If you are not in our current plans, and cannot get at least 2Mbps, you may be eligible for a subsidy under the Better Broadband Scheme.  If you think you are eligible, you can apply by completing a simple on line application form here.

Firstly, check if superfast broadband is available at your property on our map.

If superfast broadband is available, the process is much the same as ordering normal broadband.  There are a number of different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering a superfast service, so you should shop around and choose the best deal for you.  There is a list of ISPs currently offering superfast broadband in North Yorkshire on this website.

Comparison websites are a great place to start looking for the broadband deal for you.  Ofcom accredit four broadband comparison websites and you can find them listed here, although there are others as well.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) requires more work at your premises and back in the network, so orders can take longer to deliver.  There is more help with ordering FTTP later in these FAQs.

If you have a query that cannot be resolved by your ISP, please email Superfast North Yorkshire at  The SFNY Team will seek to offer further guidance.

Each upgrade involves multiple technical and civil engineering components which will not all be completed at the same time, due to varying local circumstances.

Planning a rollout on this scale means BT have to work closely with SFNY and other participating organisations, taking into account many factors including local planning requirements, the existing infrastructure, wayleaves, traffic management on highways, arranging power supply and so on.
It is simply not possible with a programme of this nature, spread over a county as large as North Yorkshire, to plan the delivery of each location specifically.  As a result, some areas will be deployed and enabled before others.  SFNY fully appreciates the significant benefits superfast broadband will bring and understands the frustration when specific delivery dates cannot be given.  SFNY will endeavour to keep the mapping on the website updated.

This can be due to a number of factors:-

(a)  Your telephone line may be connected to a local (green) roadside cabinet that has not yet been upgraded.  As the rollout progresses more and more properties will be upgraded.

(b)  Your telephone line may be connected to a local (green) roadside cabinet that has been upgraded, but the distance of your property from that cabinet exceeds a critical distance.  That distance is 1.2kms as the ‘wire wiggles’ not the ‘crow flies’ and broadband speeds reduce significantly beyond this length.

(c)  Your telephone line may not be connected to a local (green) roadside cabinet but is connected directly to the exchange.  These are called Exchange Only (EO) lines and they typically require the building of at least two new cabinets or the provision of fibre to the premise (FTTP).

In all cases you can register your details on this website for an email update that will advise you when superfast broadband is available to your property (register).

The broadband rollout programme is not dependent on the number of registrations of interest, although everyone interested should register with SFNY so we can let you know when faster broadband is available in your area.

No.  To get superfast broadband, you will need to place an order with an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  This is because superfast broadband uses a different technology to your current broadband and an engineer needs to make changes to your local network and may need to visit your property.

There are several ISPs offering superfast broadband in North Yorkshire so you can shop around and choose the best deal to meet your requirements.
You do not have to upgrade to superfast broadband.  You can continue using your existing broadband service if you wish.
The superfast broadband market is very competitive.  Each Internet Service Provider (ISP) will offer a range of products, and prices.  You can use a number of comparison websites to find the best deal for your needs in your area.  Ofcom accredit four comparison websites here, although there are others as well. This may not be much more than you are currently paying for standard broadband.  SFNY are aware that many customers have taken this opportunity to review their existing contract for telephone calls and TV bundles and ended up paying only a little more.

For Fibre to the Cabinet upgrades (FTTC) it will take about two weeks between placing your order and installation.  However, timings will vary between the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

In most cases, the ISP will post out a new router for you to install.  They come with instructions and are not usually difficult to install.  You will be given an installation date by your ISP and on that day an Openreach engineer will make the required changes to the local network.  It may not be necessary for the engineer to visit your property.  Your ISP will be able to help on the day if you have any problems.

In most cases, your existing telephone and computer equipment should not need to be replaced or upgraded.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) orders, typically, take longer to install.  There is more work to do in the local area and an engineer will definitely have to visit your property.  See the specific FAQs on FTTP for more detail.

No.  Although the contract for Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the rollout have been awarded to BT, their network is ‘open’.  This means that you have a free choice of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Each District Council in North Yorkshire is a member of the SFNY Engagement Group, which provides local support to the programme.

District Councils help promote superfast broadband to businesses and residents, including alternative broadband providers, providing access to business support opportunities, advice and grants.  District Councils can be contacted as follows

Craven Andrew Laycock 01756 706220
Hambleton Peter Cole 01609 767212
Harrogate Matthew Roberts 01423 500600 (ext number 51138)
Richmondshire Enquiries 01748 829100
Ryedale Jos Holmes 01653 600666
Scarborough Kerry Levitt/Carol Tolley 01723 232325
Selby Alex Dochery 01757 705101

Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) FAQs

Yes.  To deliver a fibre cable direct into your property, rather than to the street cabinet, requires a different installation process.  Most of the differences will be managed by the Openreach engineer so you don’t need to worry about the work required.

The main difference you will notice is that the engineer will fit a small box to the outside of your property.  This is where the fibre cable will enter your property.  Openreach will then run an uninterrupted fibre cable from the box outside your property into the fibre optical network termination unit (ONT), and a battery backup unit will be installed.  This cable is up to 30m in length and can be installed inside or outside your property.  This needs to be connected to your fibre router and is supplied with a 3m cable to link to the two together.

Please note, the 30m fibre cable cannot go under carpets or bend tightly around walls because it contains an actual fibre strand to deliver your superfast broadband speed.  The engineer will discuss the options you have for installation on the day to help you find the best place for your new equipment.  It saves time if you know where you would like this positioned ahead of the engineers visit.

Not all Internet Service Provider (ISP) offer an FTTP service, so you might not be informed by your ISP that an upgrade is available.  In this instance you may need to consider changing providers.

Checking out the range of ISP offers and placing an order is the same as with FTTC, although it is likely choice will be more limited until more ISPs begin to offer FTTP.

When placing an order, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will provide you with dates when an engineer will come out to carry out surveys and tests.

In the early stages of an order, a site survey may be required.  This is to investigate what work needs to be carried out in order to provide you with a service.

No work will be carried out without your permission, and agreeing to any costs that may be associated with this.

The installation for FTTP will take place in two stages:

Stage 1: External Work: Bringing the fibre cable to your property.

There is no requirement for you to be present for this part of the installation process, provided the engineer has access to the outside of your property.

The fibre cable will need to be connected to a small box (approx. 15cm x 10cm x 3 cm) which will need to be fixed to your outside wall of your property.  The box will be installed at a height that can be worked on from ground level.

There may be a short outage to your telephone service during this work.   If you have an alarm on your telephone line, please let your alarm provider know that your line may go down for a few minutes.  The downtime could trigger a false alarm on any security or fire system linked to your telephone line.

Stage 2: Internal Work: Engineer appointment to complete the fibre installation inside your property.

The engineer will bring the fibre into your property and fit your fibre optical network termination unit (ONT) and ISP router in locations agreed with you.  Both the ONT and router will each require their own power socket.

You will need to be present for this element of the installation.  The engineer will need to have access to the inside of your property to fit your fibre equipment.

The appointment could last between two and four hours.

FTTP requires the fitment of a small box to the outside of your property – it is not optional.  This box is 15cm x 10cm x 3cm and the Openreach engineers will work in the tidiest way possible to minimise any impact.  They are also continually updating their colour choices so they can fit a box which will be as discreet as possible.

As you need to be present for the duration of the appointment, you will be asked for your availability when you place your order.

A sales agent will call you to confirm the time/date of the appointment before they finalise your order.

If they are unable to contact you, they may arrange for the first available appointment time (taking your availability information into consideration) and they may send you an email confirming the date.

The ONT is a smart piece of equipment that’s been specially designed to work on Openreach's fibre optic network.

Its job is to control the fibre optic light signal between your router and Openreach’s network.

The optical network termination unit (ONT) cannot be connected to any extension sockets, it will need its own dedicated socket.  Similarly, your ISP's router needs to be connected to the Openreach ONT, and also have its own socket.

The engineer will install the new equipment for you, and will do his best to ensure it’s in the most convenient place for your needs.

Openreach will provide you with a fibre cable direct to your property that is capable of running at the headline speed of 330Mbps downstream at the router.

You will need to select the relevant product from your chosen Internet Service Provider (ISP) to benefit from the fastest speeds the network can offer.

However, the speed you actually experience may be lower depending on how you choose to connect your computer and other devices.  A wired connection, using the port labelled ‘GigE’ offers you the maximum speed.  If you use wireless, this will limit the speed you experience because of the limitations of wireless within the property.

Other factors can also impact the actual speed you experience; including the type of website you are trying to view, how many other users are visiting that website and the specification of your device.

All of these issues are common to all forms of broadband.

You need to check that FTTP is available in the area by using the Openreach website.

There is a FAQ section, and the final FAQ “I can’t find the answer about Superfast Fibre I’m looking for in your FAQs” reveals a web form that can be completed and submitted.

It will go to the right people in Openreach who will be able to respond to your query and provide guidance on the next steps.

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